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Understanding Sinusitis from a Chinese perspective

Most of us take our ability to breathe effortlessly for granted. But those of us that suffer with the sinuses, well what can I say, it’s pretty appalling. Headache, pain in the face, stuffed or runny nose, post nasal drip, sneezing, awful taste in the mouth, dizziness, upset stomach are only some of the symptoms […]

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Tension in your back, stress and acupuncture

The back, neck and shoulders all have a role to play in the level of stress manifesting in a physical way. Although there are many forms of stress, we naturally carry ourselves in a different way when stressed. The shoulders are more elevated, the neck becomes a little stiffer, as does what appears to be […]

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The Stress Buster

This interesting article reveals the comprehensive understanding acupuncturists have about how stress manifests in the body, explains briefly how acupuncture works to alleviate stress and outlines what happens during an initial visit. The piece also presents details of an interesting study published in Anaesthesiology, (June 2003) that strongly supports the effectiveness of using acupressure for […]

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Acupuncture And The Treatment Of Insomnia

This is an interesting article. It reviews a number of clinical projects and trials that have treated the condition of insomnia. Its conclusion positively supports and advises that clinicians (practising registered doctors in the USA / Canada) should be aware of the use of acupuncture as a treatment pathway for this condition.

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Stress – An investigation

Who doesn’t experience stress? It’s said that we are really only ever-stress free after we cease living. [i] After all it can be a valuable source of motivation and focus. However, most clinically stressed clients presenting in our clinic say “I’m stressed”, when stress really has gone beyond normal levels and it interferes with some […]

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Stress and Acupuncture

Stress is quite frighteningly the most frequently cited medical complaint in doctors surgeries and one concept that science today is starting to believe is a leading cause of medical conditions. From fibromyalgia, GI problems, cardiac complaints to nervous system disorders, cancer to mention but a few. In the 21st century, the word stress brings many […]

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Acupuncture and its effect on the alleviation of stress

Several years ago, a family member introduced me to the art of acupuncture. aving been diagnosed with a degenerative lung disease, bronchiectasis, I was on severe medication for long periods of time to keep my lungs clear of built-up masses of mucus which tended to result in regular infections. In effect, I was poisoning my […]

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Anxiety and Panic Attacks

I’ve suffered from anxiety and panic attacks since my early teens. Thinking these feelings would go away as I got older but in fact they got progressively worse. Everyday from start to finish was a test. I found it hard to find anything which could alter my state of mind and help me take control […]

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Long term stress and acupuncture

You’re in the middle of cooking the dinner, the phone rings and you get caught up in a conversation, meanwhile the smoke alarm goes off, you dash out of the kitchen with the burning pan and desperately try to clear away the smoke. Experiencing stress in this way is important as gives you the adrenaline […]

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